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>Big Challenge Match

Double your impact: Donate now through June 30 and your gift will be matched by the Batchelor Foundation’s Challenge grant up to $180,000.

>Big Premiums

Contribute $100 or more and you will receive an Audubon print. Offer ends on May 22nd at midnight. (While supplies last.)

>Big Conservation Goals

Protect and restore wetland habitats throughout the Everglades and other special places guided by a strong commitment to science, sustainable land management and restoration and protective water laws.

Manage important coastal bird nesting sites and migratory stopover areas to recover numbers and diversity of wild birds.

Use our sanctuaries, centers and social networks to inform, educate, inspire and engage people in meaningful conservation work.

Connect people of all ages and backgrounds with Florida’s special wildlife habitats to instill passion and support for personal conservation and good public policy.

Double our volunteer force of 1000 plus passionate citizen scientists, habitat stewards and trained grassroots advocates.

>Big Anniversaries

This year Audubon celebrates some important Florida milestones – the Coastal Island Sanctuaries were founded 80 years ago, the Everglades Science Center was established in the Florida Keys 75 years back and the old growth cypress forest at Corkscrew Swamp was saved 60 years ago.


Can we count on you to protect Florida’s water and wildlife?

This is a BIG YEAR for water and wildlife conservation. Your contribution helps protect Florida’s special places – our coasts, springs, parks, important bird areas, and signature landscapes like the Everglades.

What happens if you and others are not all in? Fewer people engaged means less land protected, more bird species at risk, additional water resources overpumped and polluted, and thousands of acres of wetlands lost and not restored. Engage your friends and family by forwarding campaign information. Our goal is for 250 new donors to engage by Thursday, May 22nd at midnight. You can make a BIG difference!

P.S. Donate $100 and receive a beautiful John James Audubon print (while supplies last).

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